Puerto Rico Registered Agent Services

Under Puerto Rico law, every business entity formed or registered with the Department of State must designate and continuously maintain a registered agent and registered office..

What Puerto Rico Registered Agents Do

A Puerto Rico registered agent is appointed by a Puerto Rico corporation or LLC to accept service of process (legal notice of a lawsuit), official notifications and other business mail on behalf of the company. These documents are accepted by the Puerto Rico registered agent and then forwarded to the corporation or LLC in a timely manner. A Puerto Rico registered agent is required by law for every business entity in Puerto Rico. A registered agent serves as a guaranteed way for the PR courts and government agencies to contact a business.

Puerto Rico Registered Agent Service

Hire SCG as your Registered Agent or to incorporate your new company:


We have perfected our notification system through years of testing, experience and service. We have the experience and systems in place to make sure that happens.

Local Registered Office

We have an actual office in your state. We receive all your documents there and scan them so you can view them in your account immediately.

Instant Notifications

Within minutes of receiving any notification or service of process on a client’s behalf we will scan and upload the document to the clients account from our office.

Premium Service

SCG Registered Agents is the top choice for a premium US state registered agent service at a low price most of our competitors won’t dare match.

Secure Account

Each business that engages SCG Registered Agents as their registered agent will receive an online account secured by high-level encryption.

Why Hire Us

* Annual Report Reminder
* A Reduction in Paperwork
* Easy Access to State Forms
* Registered Agent Service

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